Women's Wilderness workshops

Strengthening connections between Women and the Earth.​​

How to join us...

All women are welcome to join us for 4 days of joyous learning, connection and sharing these most ancient of primitive skills.

Fun Frolic Farm​
​Burnsville NC

What we do...

Come together to practice, share and teach earth based skills to enrich our connection to mother earth.

Women's Wilderness Workshops

July 23-26, 2020

Now Online!

Topics that may be covered during our weekend together:

Fire by Friction ~ Basketry ~ Pottery ~ Weaving ~ Spinning ~ Felting ~ Animal Husbandry ~ Yoga

Wild, Edible & Medicinal Plants ~ Plant-based Medicine Making ~ Teas, Tinctures & Salves 

Cheese Making ~ Soap Making ~ Moon Lodge ~ Sustainable Farm Planning ~ Music & Dance

Healing Arts ~ Natural Plant Dyes ~ Cordage ~ Sisterhood & MORE!

How we started...

A spark of life... an idea to bring women together that is growing into a gathering of beauty and empowerment.