Canton, NC

Camp Daniel Boone

Women's Wilderness Workshops

August 7-11, 2019

Women's Wilderness workshops

Strengthening connections between Women and the Earth.

We come together around our sacred fire to celebrate this wonderful natural space, our Mother Earth and how we may deepen our connection with her... 

We have had an amazing year in 2018, what a beautiful comeback gathering!! Join us this August 8-12, 2018 to celebrate and strengthen our place as Women in our ever changing world.

There is a special energy that forms when women come together and gather within the cycles of the Earth, we are planting the seeds to bring that energy into this encampment. Opening the doors to ALL women of diverse ages, ethnicities and backgrounds to explore these ancient skills in the company of other women!

Our weekend gathering is held in Canton, North Carolina less than one hour West of Asheville. Camp Daniel Boone is a summer Boy Scout Camp that has opened it's facilities and camp to us after it's closed for the season. The camp sits nestled at the base of Cold Mountain, bordering the Pisgah National Forest and Shining Rock Wilderness Area with thousands of acres and endless hiking trails. We are grateful to Camp Daniel Boone, their Staff and the ongoing relationship we have developed with such a profound organization!


Earth Based Skills are the heart of what we offer in our workshops, while also cultivating the opportunity for deeper connection to each other and nature. Fire, Fiber Arts and Stone Tools are where we begin, with Core Skills Sessions on Thursday morning, as these help weave the rest of the skills together. Thursday afternoon through Sunday morning will have a variety of morning and afternoon classes you can choose to take, or you may prefer to visit our Healing Arts area and sign up for a massage or body work.


Since we are gathering to further our growth, knowledge and experience with mother nature, we also feel it is important to support local, natural, healthy, humane food. We will be working with local farmers and producers to acquire as much of the food we use for our meals as possible. We will enjoy two all natural, local, omnivorous and gluten free meals per day to nourish our bodies in the large Dining Hall, complete with a front porch and rocking chairs overlooking the lake and valley!


We have some special "creature comforts" with this site as well. There are sizable 8'x8' platform tents and tiny cabins with camping cots available for your use and everyone gets their own tent... so no need to bring one or share unless you want to bunk up! 


There are many drinking water spigots, showers, flush and latrine style toilets available for your needs located throughout camp.

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