Strengthening connections between Women and the Earth.​​

Fun Frolic Farm​
​Burnsville NC

Women's Wilderness Workshops

Women's Wilderness workshops

About our Camp

August 8-11, 2019

We come together around our sacred fire to celebrate this wonderful natural space, our Mother Earth and how we may deepen our connection with her... 

2019 is our 5th Annual Women's Wilderness Workshop! Join us to enjoy our workshop offerings while we celebrate and strengthen our place as Women in this ever changing world!

There is a special energy that forms when women come together and gather within the cycles of the Earth, we are planting the seeds to bring that energy into this encampment. Opening the doors to ALL women of diverse ages, ethnicities and backgrounds to explore these ancient skills in the company of other women!

Our summer gathering is held in Western North Carolina one hour north of Asheville. In 2019 we are moving back to our root and bringing WWW back to Fun Frolic Farm in the South Toe River Valley where the idea was orginaly birthed!

Skills Workshops:

Earth Based Skills are the heart of what we offer in our workshops, while also cultivating the opportunity for deeper connection to each other and nature. Fire, Fiber Arts and Tools are where we begin, with Core Skills Sessions, as these help weave the rest of the skills together. Friday afternoon through Sunday morning will have a variety of morning and afternoon classes you can choose to take, or you may prefer to take a walk to the river or go on a hike locally.


Since we are gathering to further our growth, knowledge and experience with mother nature, we also feel it is important to support local, natural, healthy, humane food. We will be working with local farmers and producers to acquire as much of the food we use for our meals as possible. We will enjoy two all natural, local, omnivorous and gluten free meals per day to nourish our bodies!


Camping is included in all registration fees. Tents or car camping is allowed. There are many local accommodations available if you decide you prefer the comforts of showers and a soft bed. Let us know we an make many recommendations!


Drinking water and toilet facilities will be provided in camp.

FAQ for Women's Wilderness Workshops in August

What is included in my registration fee? 
Camping fees, toilets, drinking water, TWO all natural, locally raised, omnivorous meals per day, evening entertainment, TWO class sessions per day, fishing in the South Toe River, access to healing arts like yoga or body work, a "Red Tent" space, nearby hundreds of acres of wilderness to hike and explore and the opportunity to gather within a community of like minded women and forge new connections!

What's up Thursday night? 
Starting around 3PM we will have light snacks available in the dining area. Feel free to bring a dish to share on on the first night. If you need a larger meal please plan to bring that for yourself Thursday evening, we have two small camp stoves available for you to use. We will hold an opening circle at 6:30 to light our Heart Fire and connect for the first time. Friday morning after breakfast we will have our first orientation circle and classes will begin after that... Looking forward to seeing you this summer!

What about food during the camp? 
Your registration includes two locally raised meals per day. Breakfast and Dinner are included and have vegetarian, omnivore options and are all gluten free! You are responsible for your on lunches and snacks, please bring enough food to ensure your dietary needs are met. We will provide two camp stoves for your use for food preparation. Please let us know if you have any true food allergies. We ask you to leave all coolers and food in the dining hall as we are in bear country.

All ages welcome? 
​We welcome women of all ages, races, backgrounds, ethnicities and religions! We welcome all women and this includes our children. These young ones are our future mothers and grandmothers... "they are our replacements" and here is where it begins! Unfortunately at this time we are not able to offer a child care program. While we understand that this is a large inconvenience for some mothers, we do desire you to join us and "share in the care" with other mom's. We do hope that in coming years as we grow in numbers, we may be able to offer this option.  

Are ALL Women welcome?

Simply put, we welcome ALL WOMEN. If you are a woman, you are welcome. If you are not sure or identify in any way other than as a Woman, please honor that this is gathering for Women only. This question comes up each year. We are holding space for Women's studies and Women centered earth based workshops. There is a sacred space created when Women come together that is not always found in our society, it is our intention to hold this energy for our participants to open up and learn within.