Women's Wilderness workshops

We are so very grateful to ALL of these most talented and powerful women who teach for Women's Wilderness Workshops, without you there would be no workshops...

Thank You! 

If you are interested in teaching or offering a class please contact us for more information.

Nancy Basket ~ Nancy Basket learned pine needle basketry from her friend, Judy Arledge, in 1981. She met a Cherokee man, Mr. Lee, in Yakima, Washington at a bead store. He shared his family collection of pine needle baskets with her and the stories behind them. The collection included a cradle board and an effigy bear basket. After offering to buy the collection, he told her, "Your job isn't to buy these baskets. Your job is to make them." Nancy remembered what he told her and to get more instruction, she helped form the first basketry guild in the US. in recent times. This Seattle, Washington group, The Vi Phillips/Northwest Basketweavers Guild is still active.These traditions have been passed down to her children and grandchildren. Her oldest daughter, Jessica, is helping with the business end of basketry, and with the formation of their non profit organization, Native Traditions. www.nancybasket.com/about.htm

Jamie Sparks ~ Founder and Director of Herban Farmacy, Asheville's first Community Supported Herbalism (herbal CSA), which offers seasonal shares of herbal medicine and education to support the journey into the world of herbal medicine. She is also a long time felter, silversmith, dancer, herbalist, massage therapist and more.  She teaches for the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine, Earthskills Rendezvous, Florida Earthskills, The Firefly Gathering and many other events.  You can either find her in the woods talking to the plants, making some herbal preparation or busy in some amazing craft project.  www.herbanfarmacy.org 

Our Instruc​tors

Karen Watkins ~ Karen Watkins learned to spin and weave 40 years ago from Barbara Bergman of West Virginia, who was taught by the Shipibo Indians of the Peruvian Rain Forest.  From 1976 to 1996, Karen also worked full time repairing antique Oriental carpets and textiles, many of which have been exhibited at the Textile Museum in Washington DC. 

During the last 25 years, Karen and her family have been living on their farm in Yancey County, North Carolina.

​​Sangoma Oludoye ~ Sangoma Oludoye is a traditional Yoruba priestess of Obatala and ancestral custodian of the customs,  traditions, codes of conduct for a diversity of cultures. Sangoma lives in Winnfield, Ga. with her husband of 26 years...Eddie Paschal, mother of three daughters, grandmother of 11 Grands and a multitude of tribes and communities throughout the Southeast. Sangoma is an artist, sacred activist and spiritual midwife. The descendent of 7 generations of root medicine people, born in the caul...the gifts of her ancestors in the Cherokee, Dogon, Bombara and Yoruba tribes continue to manifest healing/wholeness for the wounded, downtrodden survivors of cultural amnesia. Sangoma is an elder/instructor/willing vessel to Divinity ....to nurture, tend and be an advocate for the reconnection of humaity with the forces of nature...She teaches us how to keep the ceremony in our everyday lives, find, keep and maintain AT ONE MENT in the seat of the soul through youth summer camps/ On the Forest Floor, Earthskills villages and gatherings, in the celebration of Orisha festivals in Oyotunji, SC or sharing insights and revelations at a solo fire with Coyotes from the Wild Intelligence community in Athens, Ga. www.kindredofsangoma.wordpress.com

Strengthening connections between Women and the Earth.​​

Miranda Coonrod ~  Miranda Coonrod has from a young age been interested in creating things with her hands. That journey has led her from new age craft to the ancient skills; from lace making to naalbinden; from funky spinning to hide tanning, and everywhere between. She desires a self made life with deep connection to fiber, food, community and the world around them and teaches at skills events across the Southeast.

Kerry Fulford ~ As a child, I could feel how being close to the natural world helped calm my heart. And now, I am aware of the necessity of being close to the Earth and it's elements to balance my sense of well being. After receiving my BA from the University of Georgia in interpersonal and public communications, I began to attend earth skills gatherings and  they were life changing! I served as manager of several health food and medicinal herbal healing stores, attended many herbal courses and apprenticeships and enjoy always continuing to learn. I have attended and taught earth based workshops and facilitated healing ceremonies for several decades. In 1995, I became a certified Yoga Instructor and later studied Yoga as therapy assisting in healing from injury and illness and those with special needs. The incorporation of all these passions and therapeutic massage is at the root of my business Athens Yoga Therapeutics. I have committed my life's work to sharing these connections as a reminder of the real meaning of "first aid" to empower  ourselves and help others on our path.​

Women's Wilderness Workshops

August 8-11, 2019

​​​Janara Nerone ​​Jan Nerone, LMBT WFR, is a multi-faceted educator and health professional with 15 years experience in guiding clients on their path to vibrant wellness and deep nature connection. She is an Environmental Educator, Ordained Priestess, Massage & Yoga Therapist, Reiki Master, Champion Archer, Archery Instructor and lifetime outdoorswoman. Jan’s mission is to bring lives into balance through healing, teaching and artistry, by fostering reverence for the sacred nature of all life on this beautiful Earth. Learn more about Jan on her website.

Robin Blankenship - Owns and operates Earth Knack and has been working in the outdoor field since 1978 when she began leading horse packing trips into the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness for Adventure Unlimited Ranches, eventually directing their mountaineering program. She began teaching for Larry Olsen’s School of Urban and Wilderness Survival in 1984, the National Outdoor Leadership School and Outward Bound. She holds a B.A. in English Literature, a minor in Spanish from the University of Colorado, Boulder, as well as a B.S. in Education with a Colorado elementary teaching certification. She is the author of Earth Knack Stone Age Skills for the 21st Century, published by Gibbs Smith in 1996. Robin made a friction fire for Katie Couric on The Today Show, has been featured in publications including Outside Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, The Denver Post, and appeared on Channel 4 news programs in Denver featuring self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyles. www.earthknack.com

Micaila~Ayorinde Milburn-Thomas ​ - Micaila~Ayorinde Milburn-Thomas has a Bachelors degree in psychology from Bates College, years of corporate experience with ATT, and more than 25 years experience as an actor and singer/songwriter and voice-over artist.  She credits her approach to acting to her years of experience with Living Stage theater in Washington DC, where she was trained in improvisational theater techniques for social change.  Her more than 20 years of experience in bands, improv troupes and poetry slams from D.C., through New Mexico to North Carolina have given her the chops to create on the spot. Her accreditation in psychology, massage and Reiki therapies as well as her knowledge of nutrition and love of good food, allows her to offer healing comfort in many forms.  Her pursuit of hidden Truths and desire to understand deep seeded issues behind racial inequality and social injustice have led her to attend or facilitate workshops conducted by the Race Equity Institute, Race Matters for Juvenile Justice, Race Forward and Brownicity.  Strongly influenced by Charles Eisenstein's book entitled "The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible" and other well known authors such as Napoleon Hill and Steven Covey and her investment in the Life Visioning Process a Life coaching course by Mary Morrisey and other life altering processes like Holosync by Bill Harris, Micaila~Ayorinde is developing her own more ethnocentric approach to wellness in order to better serve her community.

Camila Karam ~ Camila Karam has a strong background in Brazilian dance with her specialty being “samba” and the art form of North African dance (belly dance). Ms. Karam has performed in Africa, Europe, Japan, Puerto Rico, Canada, and all over the U.S. She has performed with various Brazilian bands and dance companies that have opened for The Grateful Dead, Cab Calloway, Celia Cruz, Airto-Flora Purim, Rod Stewart and Third World. Her list of teaching credits includes being an instructor and co-director at the Batucaje Escola de Samba, a San Francisco dance project. Camila has taught and performed nationally and internationally.

She was founder and director of NYANSA/SARAVA Dance Co. who perform North African (belly dancing) dance and “samba”. Camila received a B.A. in The Healing Arts and Ethnic dance from New College of California-San Francisco and conducts Earth Goddess Workshops™ that promote well-being, gardening, and respect for the Earth and all life forms.
Ms. Karam is currently studying the art forms of Jazz, Modern and Ballet at Joy of Motion Studios in Washington DC.

Abby Artemesia ~ Botanist, Herbalist and Forager, Abby Artemisia, was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she spent her free time climbing trees and creek wandering. This is where her love of nature began. Her love of plants had a diverse foundation from apprenticeships on organic farms on the west coast and in the Midwest, to college programs in Environmental Science, Forestry, and a bachelor’s degree in Botany from Miami University in Ohio, along with owning and operating her own tea business.

Abby moved to rural western North Carolina, after falling in love with the natural beauty and biodiversity. Now she teaches about plant identification, the importance of native plants, and how to work with plants for food and medicine, along with creating her own line of mainly locally wildcrafted herbal products. Her favorite thing to do is to take people outside and teach about the plants growing right outside our doors or in the woods down the street. Her mission is to inspire health empowerment and (re)connection with nature.

​​​Peggy Patrick ~ A native of the Southern Appalachian Mountains and a lifelong musician who enjoys living a traditional mountain lifestyle. Known for her beautiful and functional white oak baskets, she is also skilled in rivercane basketry, trained under the guidance of Emma Garrett of the Cherokee Nation. Peggy is a singer of ballads, a banjo player, a bead worker, and a leather craftsperson. Having studied shoemaking with Sharon Raymond, the late Glen Leasure, and Cliff Pequet, former Master Cordwainer at Williamsburg, she has been making her own shoes since 1995.

Christina Gordon - Coordinator and Founder of Women's Wilderness Workshops and Animal Phat. Christina has worked as an Organic Farmer, Brain Tanner, Veterinary Assistant, Soap Maker, Cheese Maker and Educator since 2003. She co-owns/operates Fun Frolic Farm with her partner in Burnsville, NC where she hosts a variety of workshops on sustainable living, dairy goats, soap and cheese making, traditional brain tanning and more. Christina has taught and demonstrated for both public and private schools, national parks, state parks, festivals, community colleges, High Museum of Art and a variety of Primitive Skills events. She also has created a line of all-natural, hand made, old fashion bath and body products based from their farm's goat milk. Please go to www.animalphat.com or www.funfrolicfarm.com for information or year round learning opportunities!

Mira Brown ~ Mira Brown, raised on a farm in Yancey County, NC, has been a spinner, weaver, basket maker and leather worker since childhood.  She'll offer Poplar bark backpack basket making, bone and bamboo needle case making, and card weaving from basic to advanced techniques.

Fun Frolic Farm​
​Burnsville NC

​​​​Joan Candalino ​​A student of natural health, she has worked as a chiropractor's assistant with a holistic Chiropractor with an emphasis on helping the body heal itself with nutrition and natural supplements.  She studied with MiMi Hernandez as a "Community Herbalist". She lives on farmland in KY, putting into practice sustainable living skills, including harvesting rainwater for household water & the organic garden. She first started belly dancing in 1978, and can usually be found dancing around the community fire at every opportunity. A student of primitive and native material culture skills since the early days of the Earthskills Workshops, she has played with Native American style beadwork, buckskin sewing, capotes, twined bags, pottery, cordage, batik, rug making, moccasins, wild plants, salves, tinctures, & lip balms.  She made her first tipi in the 1990's  Find her on facebook as "Sweetwater Tipi" or www.sweetwatertipi.com